The Bromeliad Court

This page is in celebration of my bromeliads, which I've been growing alongside my orchids for many years. I grow them under lights during the colder weather, and outside in the warmer. That's been the problem, I think, as broms aren't really happy with artificial lighting. But now with the HIDs and especially the HO fluorescents designed for aquatic growing, I'm getting more flowering and far, far better coloring. Among the pics of plants, I have a couple of shots of a plexiglass Wardian case I built that sits in the living room of my home and serves a decorative function as well as being a well-regulated growing chamber, complete with fans, two fountains with plants set up on rocks in the ponds, fluorescent and incandescent growlights. Some plants I have grown from seed, some purchased, some received in trade or as gifts.

I have attended a few bromeliad shows, a sometimes difficult process as there are none in this half of the country, and no local society here. I have been to some very nice shows of the Bromeliad Society of Greater Chicago, as well as the 2002 World Bromeliad Conference in St.Petersburg, FL. I recently had the great pleasure of seeing the Sarasota Bromeliad Society's show in May 2005, which combined with my second trip to Tropiflora, A.K.A. 'Bromeliad Heaven'. I saw some incredible plants there, and everyone was super nice. I also overbought some new plants at both the show and Tropiflora.

Sarasota Bromeliad Show

New Bromeliads!

Bromeliad Pics

Growing Outside