A slight addiction

(A.K.A.: Out of control again!)

I have been very happily taken with having my own yard and in 2005 ripped out all the old landscaping except the hostas I had myself installed along the wall 10 years ago and started over. I decided to go mostly with irises and daylilies as they are basically care free and drought resistant. Of course one thing led to another, rows of evergreens had to be added and rhododendrons and other items for variety. Mostly I have concentrated on the daylilies and irises and now have over 60 different irises and nearly 40 different daylilies. I like a colorful garden and am enjoying seeing all the work of last year pay off in blooms this year. I have posted below a montage of most of the irises and one of most of the daylilies. More will follow as time allows.