My plants are not picture-perfect commercially-grown specimens; they've been in and out of growrooms and the outside til I built the greenhouse, and then moved around, knocked around, and some still dragged outdoors for more sun or cold nights - and changes of shadecloth, and positions in the GH. They have the same kind of marks and scars we have as we pass through time (though are healthy, viable plants), occasional cuts, bruises and sunburns, etc., and their pricing reflects that. Some divisions listed as 'BSdiv' will be taken off on shipping day; I do not list a number of growths for these as they may vary due to the vagaries of dividing but all will be at least 3 growths, many larger, and Blooming Size. Some are backbulb divisions, some front. Unfortunately USPS has more than tripled its rates in the last three years, so shipping (USPS priority) starts at $7 (more for large plants) and goes up from there as appropriate and will be specified in the order confirmation email(caveat: shipping to HI always costs me $5-6 more than continental and will be added on). I charge only what I estimate USPS will charge. You may request and pay for shipping insurance; I cannot and will not be responsible for lost or damaged shipments. Orders for which payment has been received by Sunday midnight (EST) will ship out that week, volume permitting. I ship Mon or Tues, sometimes Wed, with email confirmation. Please note: shipping will begin Monday Aug.31. Payment accepted: paypal to , and is expected within 48 hours of order confirmation. Plants will be shipped barefoot unless otherwise noted, and are not in bud/bloom unless specified, and though I will try my best to pack carefully, due to the ephemeral nature of flowers and the rigors of shipping, I cannot guarantee they will still be such by the time they arrive through shipping pages linked below, and I will be adding more to the gallery as I can. Pics of most of the others may easily be located via a google search. Buyer is responsible for informing seller of inclement weather or any other conditions which may impact shipping.


BS divs/plants

L.purpurata v.carnea $30,
C.gaskelliana $30,
C.labiata v.rubra $30,
C.maxima (alba x alba) NOT alba flowers, but nice, $25,
C.maxima v.semi-alba 'La Pedrena' SM/JOGA $35,
Schomburgkia (Syn.Laelia) splendida $30,
Lc.Schilleriana (intermedia x purpurata) $25,
Blc.Lady's Favorite 'Morning Mist', in sheath, white, flat, lav.lip, yell.ctr., $20
Blc.Sanyung Ruby 'Crowned Dragon', in sheath, $35
C.warneri v.concolor ('Elvia' x Roberto Kautskyi'), $35
Blc.Humming Bird, $25
Blc.Bouton D'or x Pot.Frank Gilmore, yellow, peach edge, $20
Blc.Angel Bells 'Suzie', $20
Blc. Dr. Joe Walker 'Ray Mishima', very pale pink, darker lip edge, in sheath, $25
Blc.Glorious Greensleeves x Pot. Kathy Degenhardt, $25
Blc.Chian-Tzy Emperor 'CT Golden Sun', lg.pinky lavender, yel.lip w/pink edge, $20
Blc.Hawaiian Butterfly 'Carmela', yellow w/pink ruffle edge lip, $25
Blc.Junka Bear, pale pink, cream lip, min, $20
Blc.Junka's Cub, pale pink, cream lip, $20
Blc.Mem.Anna Balmores 'Carmela', white w/flares, big magenta lip, $20
Blc.Lawless Romeo 'Orange Glow', yellow w/orange blushes, red lip, $20
Lc.Smile Again 'Hawaii', $25
C.(walkeriana hybrid), IN BLOOM, $15
Sc.Crystelle Smith 'Hampshire', $20
Slc.Anne Komine, darkest red satiny flowers, $20
Slc.Final Touch 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS, full flat salmon, red splash on lip, yel.throat, $20
Enc.cordigera, $20
Blc.Gladys Oumae 'Roy', canary yellow, red lip, $20
Blc.Angel Heart x Orange Nugget, expecting shapely pastel yellows $15
Myrmecophila albopurpurea, $30
Myrmecophila thomsoniana alba, $30
Myrmecophila albopurpurea, stunning white flrs. w/blackish red lip!$35
Myrmecophila humboldtii, large lavender cattleya-like firs.$35

Lc.Blue Kahili 'Delft Beauty' $25,
C.intermedia v.coerulea (very floriferous) $30,
C.walkeriana v.coerulea 'Chouju' JC/AOS $50
Laelia Amoena coerulea, $25
C.Dupreana coerulea 'Kodama', $25

Encyclia tempense v.alba 'Orchid Court' AM/AOS, $35
Blc. Sea Swirl 'Whirlpool' possibly the finest large flowered green catt ever bred $35
BLc.Ports of Paradise 'Emerald Isle' the other finest green catt, $30
Blc.Crowfield 'Mendenhall', $20; seedlings $15
Blc.Mem.Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton' x Steve Stevenson 'Ponkan', large, $20
Blc. Shirley Moore 'Newberry', $20
Blc.Hawaiian Passion 'Carmela', $20
Blc.Frada Green x Erin Kobayashi, $30
C.Luteous Forb (mounted), palest mint green (luteola x forbesii) in bloom, $35


Blc.Hawaiian Thrill 'Paradise' BS bb div. $20
Blc.Waianae King 'Orchid Heights' x Blc.Buckaroo 'Pisgah' BS Div $25
Blc.Pisgah King. smaller 3-gr. BB div (only one leaf) + new growing 8" lead. Bloom next year? $20
Blc.Painter's Brush x Lc.Mary Ellen Carter 'Dixie Hummingbird' $35
Slc. George Hausermann 'York'$25
Potinara Susan Fender 'Cinnamon Stick',salmon, red/prpl lip, veined yellow throat $25
Blc.Hunabu Victory 'Brenda Havenour' NBS/BS $20
Lc. S.J.BRacey 'Waiolanae', seedling THE classis orange w/purple lip! $15
Blc.Melinda Rose 'Funke', $20
Potinara Frank Gilmore x Blc.George King 'Serendipity', IN BUD $25


Pot.Edith North 'Danny Adams', pale salmon w/yellow throat, $15
Pot. Thi-Ti 'Golden Crown', yellow, red ruffle edged lip, $15
Blc.Lady's Favorite 'Morning Mist', NBS/BS, white, flat, lav.lip, yell.ctr., $15
Blc.Crowfield 'Mendenhall',$15
Blc.Lucille Lundberg 'Yellow Sky', yellow, faint pink/orange picotee, red lip, $15
Lc.Mary Ellen Carter 'Dixie Hummingbird', famous yellow, orange edges, red lip, $15
Blc.Haw Yuan Angel 'Little Beauty', mining white w/semi-peloric purple flares, $15
Slc.India Rose Sherwood 'Kiilani', deep red satiny flrs, red velvet lip, $15
Lc.Haw Yuan Gold 'YK2', the standard for large yellows, sm.sdlg, $10
Lc.Haw Yuan Gold 'YK2', the standard for large yellows, NBS, $15
Pot.(Erin Kobayashi x Marlene Lundquist) 'Carmela' NBS $15
Pot.(Erin Kobayashi x Marlene Lundquist) 'Carmela' sm.sdlg.$10
Blc.Young Kong Sun '#16', yellow/green w/pink lip, stunning, $15


nymphopolitanum, $20
Crownpoint, $25
lobbii, $20
Jersey, $20
Wilbur Chang, 9" tall flowers, sequentially bloom all summer, $35
orthoglossum, $20
Frank Smith, (small), $15
corolliferum, $15
Star of Sumatra, (echinolabium x sumatranum) $20
Melanie's Star (lobbii x baileyi), $15
macranthum (from a mounted plant), $25
facetum, $25
frostii x dentiferum, $20
Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' FCC/AOS (not mericlone, from div.of original), $35,


Trichopilia fragrans, true species, $40
Trichopilia rostrata. exceptionally nice cultivar, $40
Sobralia decora, rich pink flowers, (very short plant, only grows 24" tall) $35
Onc.Charlesworthii $15
Coelogyne mossiae $20
Degarmoara Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' $20
Aliceara Sunday's Best 'Muffin' HCC/AOS $20
Miltonia Purple Queen IN BLOOM $15
Paph.micranthum, $50
Den.aggregatum, (mounted), $20
Masdevallia Yma Sumac $15
Masdevallia coccinea x Nova Galaxy $15
Masdevallia Peach Daiquiri 'Anita' $15
Masdevallia Swallow 'Harford' AM/AOS $15
Masdevallia Measuresianum $15
Den.kingianum $15
Den. unknown pale green kingianum type $15
Paph. unnamed burgundy bulldog type (POS8) $15
Pleurothallis restrepioides (small) $10

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